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The simple adventure game to waste your time.

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Rogue Online is a simple webbased adventure game in which the player controls the development and fate of a character. The character may be one of several factions and can switch between a big set of jobs as it progress the game and discovers a unique randomized map.

Rogue Online has 53 jobs, 12 factions and 72 unique abilities, with more coming every now and then.

There are 0 players online, 2 active players and 134 characters in the game world.

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Age of Dragons

2012-10-01 10:10:08

We have now turned to the age of dragons, please settle down and prepare for the battle.

The age of dragons is upon us, three fearsome beasts travel the lands in their struggle to maintain dominance, and freedom! We encourage all our players to claim area, fortify it and build settlements. Mankind will emerge the victors!

» World has been reset [2012-06-01]

The world has been reset, everyone is now equals.

» a Larger World [2012-05-14]

On the 1st of June the world will be reset and a new map will be generated.

» World reset [2012-03-28]

Uhm.. the world has been reset. it was overdue. Im lazy.

» Back to normal [2010-05-23]

» Server Upgrade [2010-04-10]

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